FLASHBACK: NPR called verified Hunter Biden story a 'waste of time'

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NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik garnered backlash on Friday for tweeting “Journalism twitter is rough today,” while Elon Musk released “the Twitter files,” documents revealing the extent the social media giant censored stories, namely bombshell revelations about Biden family corruption gleaned from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” According to NPR, the exposore of political censorhip is a “waste of time.”

Journalist Emma-Jo Morris, who broke the story on the contents of the First Son’s laptop in the New York Post in October 2020, responded to Folkenflik and said, “tonight reminds me of the time when i published the laptop from hell that you said i couldn’t be a journalist because i worked at fox news when i was 23, david.”

79 percent of Americans have said that the 2020 election results would have been different had the Hunter Biden story not been suppressed.

Morris wrote of the discarded laptop left at a Delaware computer repair shop. Its contents implicated Joe Biden and his son in corruption connected with influence peddling and profiteering compounded by Hunter’s love for hookers, illegal guns, and crack.

The story was suppressed and censored by social media platforms Twitter and Facebook. 

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