FLASHBACK: Tom Hanks says he has 'no respect' for those who cast away masks during Covid

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A 2020 clip of actor Tom Hanks speaking about the Covid pandemic and saying he has “no respect” for people who do not wear a mask is making the rounds on Twitter, garnering backlash from critics 

“I don’t get it. I simply do not get it. It is literally the least you can do. And if you want to—if anybody wants to build up an argument about doing the least they can do, I wouldn’t trust them with a driver’s license.”

“I mean, when you drive a car, you got to obey speed limits, you got to use your turn signal, you got to avoid hitting pedestrians. If you can’t do those three things, then I get it: you shouldn’t be driving a car,” Hanks said.

“If you can’t wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance, I don’t understand. I got no respect for you, man,” Hanks added.

On Twitter, many noted the actor’s association with convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of child sexual abuse.

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