FLASHBACK: Tucker Carlson tells Tulsi Gabbard the NSA reads lawmakers' text messages, per his high-ranking House intel committee source

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During an interview with Tulsi Gabbard in December of last year Carlson claimed that “there are members of Congress that are controlled by the intel agencies” and Carlson told Gabbard he was informed by a high-ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee that the National Security Agency (NSA) reads their text messages.

The unnammed congressman allegedly revealed the information to Carlson at a dinner. Carlson asked the congressman to send the former Fox host some information in a text message and the congressman said, “I can’t text… the NSA reads my text.”

The House Intelligence Committee provides oversight to the NSA and Carlson said, “You’re the head guy on the intelligence committee, you’re their boss?”

“Yeah but they are still spying on me,” the congressman allegedly said. 

During the interview, Carlson went on to discuss when Congressman Michael McCaul claimed that Carlson was a “Russian agent.” In a phone call after the allegation McCaul told Carlson “that’s what the intel briefers told me, that you were working for Russia” to which Carlson told him “you’re being manipulated by your intel briefers.”

In July of 2021, Carlson revealed that the NSA was spying on his communications and at the time he was trying to get an interview with Vladimir Putin. The NSA had unmasked Carlson and leaked the information to at least one media outlet. 

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