Fmr Federal Prosecutor: Fentanyl is killing more people than is being reported, fueling violent criminals

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On Wednesday, prosecutor Will Scharf announced his departure from the US Attorney’s Office Violent Crime Unit in St. Louis, taking to Twitter to share what he had learned while on the job.

In a thread, Scharf detailed the life or death situations police officers put themselves in on a daily basis, and lamented the drug problem that has plagued the city and country at large.

“Police officers in dangerous cities deal with challenges that the rest of us can only imagine,” he began, noting that, “Every stop, every interaction can turn deadly in an instant.”

“Would you chase an armed bad guy (or two or three) down a dark alley in the middle of the night with no backup?” he asked. “Would you run through a door knowing that someone could be waiting to shoot you on the other side? Police officers do regularly.”

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