For Some Ukrainian Refugees, War Is 2014 All Over Again

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LVIV, Ukraine—Almost eight years ago, Slovyansk, a small city in western Ukraine, was the first to be captured by pro-Russian separatists.

Svetlana Isakova, 42, didn’t flee the city back then, but sent her daughter away to safety. After days of fighting and shelling, the Ukrainian military recaptured the city on July 5, 2014. The separatists fled to Donetsk.

After Russia invaded Ukraine late last month, the first explosion that Isakova heard brought back the memories and trauma of 2014, when she spent a week in a bomb shelter.

This time, Isakova fled, taking her daughter, son, and three grandchildren along. The two women and four children found a taxi driver willing to pick them up when an air raid alert was in place. They traveled for two days and arrived at the Lviv train station late on March 23.

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  1. We need to do more to help Ukraine . I have many friends , IT colleagues and family members there of my wife. This is a nation with many God and faith and family and freedom loving people , evangelicals, Greek Catholic , orthodox Christians and Jews or jewish heritage . They are the patriots and freedom fighters similar to our early American History. They went through the horrors of the Holocaust and terrors of the Stalin purges and oppression. Please fellow Americans , veterans send them volunteers and equipment to preserve lives , protect their fighters and heal their wounded

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