Forced Acceptance Is Not Acceptance

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The NHL is the latest to enter the Woke Olympics, but one Philadelphia Flyers player, Ivan Provorov, decided that his faith was more important than bowing to the corporatist trends that did not sit well with him. Provorov’s respectful resistance, however, stands as an example that forcing acceptance of an idea is not acceptable at all: it leaves no free will.

Sports stadiums can be places for faith, family, and freedom. You can practice your faith by silent prayer for the players, as many did when Damar Hamlin fell lifelessly to the ground. You can come to events with your whole family and share that time together. And you can have the freedom to move around, to speak freely, to talk with or about your gay friends if you so choose. Or not. That’s the beauty of freedom—it allows you the choice to participate, or not participate. That’s what Provorov was doing: he was abstaining from a form of expression.

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