Former Liberal MP falsely says Poilievre photoshops supporters into campaign rally pictures

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Former Liberal MP and Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan tweeted on Monday that he believes that Conservative MP and leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre is photoshopping people into photos of his rallies.

“One of the hardest parts of photoshop,” said Vaughan, “is getting the shadows right. They are all in the same room… or are they… this many shadows from different angles is odd,” he wrote.

“Especially when sunlight outside is back lighting the range of exposure and angles…Sgt Pepper Lonely Candidates Band.”

Vaughan’s claim was quickly dismissed and mocked by those who have taken video at Poilievre’s campaign rallies. Poilievre’s events in Ontario, including in Windsor, London, and Kitchener, have all seen crowds, with some requiring secondary outdoor events to address everyone.

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