Former Obama Adviser Has Bad News for Biden: The Nickname Young People Gave Joe Is a ‘Big Problem’

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The president of identity politics, President Joe Biden, may be having a bit of an identity crisis himself.

Is he the president of the United States of America and a friend to its allies or the appeaser of minorities that make up much of his voting base?

Forget about reaching out to Republicans, the president who ran on being a “unifier” is now having problems keeping the factions in his own party together.

Biden is facing growing unrest and a possible mass exodus from a previously loyal segment of his base — Arab-American and Muslim voters.

Biden has long enjoyed strong support from Arab-American voters in Michigan, a critical battleground state.

In 2020, he won over 75 percent of the vote in Dearborn, which has a majority Arab population.

However, Biden now faces growing outrage within the Michigan Arab-American community over his administration’s stance regarding Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. Some Arab-Americans have launched an “abandon Biden” campaign to protest his handling of the crisis, which they see as enabling the bombardment of Palestinians, according to Fox News.

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