Former Trump-Hating Actress Goes Viral After Sharing She Walked Away from Being an ‘Atheist Democrat’

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A former actress and lifelong liberal has come out of the closet and admitted that the obscene, over-the-top lies promulgated by the left during the coronavirus hysteria red-pilled her into permanently rejecting the Democratic Party.

Natalie Beisner recently posted a long tweet revealing to the world that she is no longer a typical left-wing Hollywood actress. She said in an accompanying video that for many years she was an “atheist Democrat” but now describes herself as a conservative Christian.

Beisner equated her personal story to the “Walk Away” movement, which seeks to convince liberals to leave the Democratic Party.

In her Monday tweet, Beisner said, “I have been a Democrat my entire life. I live in Los Angeles. I was an actress for years. I voted for Obama, then Clinton. I couldn’t wait to vote against the ban on gay marriage. I supported Planned Parenthood. I called JK Rowling ‘TERF.’”

“I was a Democrat through-and-through, and more than that — I was even onboard with wokeism, with equity (as opposed to equality), with intersectional feminism, etc. These people had me pretty much hook, line, and sinker.”

“I spent the majority of the Trump administration hating that man,” Beisner added in her video, which has already received 1.5 million views. “I couldn’t tell you why I hated him exactly, but I could definitely tell you that I hated him.”

But when COVID and the Black Lives Matter riots hit, the insanity of it proved to be too much.

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