Former US attorney says DOJ won't prosecute Biden crime family for political reasons

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Former US Attorney Brett Tolman told Trey Gowdy on Sunday Night in America that the Department of Justice would typically investigate crimes such as those alleged at the Biden family through their shell companies and suspicious business dealings, but now the DOJ “won’t go after a Joe Biden family member who appears to be in a crime syndicate.”

“I was a federal prosecutor first and then I became a US attorney,” Tollman said. “The very last case I had involved a shell LLC and the movement of money and we couldn’t identify what the actual business was. And it is the kind of case that was the bread and butter of the fraud and corruption unit at DOJ.”

“We’re looking at a DOJ who refuses to prosecute certain cases now that have a political angle to them,” he added.

Representative James Comer, Jim Jordan, and several other Republicans from the House Oversight Committee revealed records previously subpoenaed from four banks that appear to connect payments to the Biden family from foreign entities, transactions that were primarily made through shell companies. 

A total of $10 million was tracked through 25 LLCs which were found to have origin points in Romania and China. The Chinese money came from companies with connections to the CCP

During a press briefing, Comer said, “What are the Biden businesses? What business? What we read in the press about ‘Well, these were legitimate business deals that were done after Joe Biden’s president.’ That’s not true. These were set up when Joe Biden was vice president. And what is the business? What business are they in?”

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