Four Key House Districts to Watch on Election Night: Analysts

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On Nov. 8, every race for the House of Representatives will be in play as the two parties grapple for control of Congress. Republicans are favored, but the big question now is by how much. So some districts will count more than others as bellwethers signal more significant trends at work, political analysts say.

Some key districts are suburban, others exurban, as cities generally trend blue and rural areas trend red. There are some seats left open by retirement or by incumbents forced to move because of redistricting, and thus no candidate has the inherent advantages incumbency provides.

Some are seats leaning Republican in districts Joe Biden won comfortably only two years ago. If a Republican takes one of those, it sends a message to Democrats.

In some races, analysts watch to see if an incumbent who flipped the seat from the other party in the last election can hold on to it. And they watch others to observe key demographics at work.

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