Fox News Employees Blow the Whistle on Where the Network Really Stands on Woke Issues

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Numerous current and former Fox News employees claimed the company is no different than any other “woke” American corporation, according to a new report.

Writing for The Daily Signal, Mary Margaret Olohan reported Fox News has a policy that accommodates employees who identify as transgender that asks other employees to cater to them.

Additionally, the go-to cable network for conservatives since 1996 tried to prevent former top-rated host Tucker Carlson from “misgendering” transgender people.

One person who claimed to have worked at Fox News said Carlson had to fight last year not only to talk about transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney but also to have conservative commentator Matt Walsh on his show.

Carlson had it out with management in order to be able to accurately refer to Mulvaney as “he,” the report claims.

Walsh has made challenging gender agendas his most prominent issue in recent years and is known for asking people he speaks with to define the word “woman.”

The report claimed Walsh was blacklisted by Fox News outside of Carlson’s show on select occasions.

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