Fox News Is Struggling: Is Tucker Carlson’s Exit the Beginning of the End?

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With Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News, what will become of the network? Fox’s numbers have dipped significantly since Carlson left, not just in his former timeslot but in every primetime hour. The 25–54 age viewership has declined by over 60 percent. This means that over half of younger people are no longer watching Fox News because Tucker Carlson was the only one who held their attention.

As Fox viewers age, the network doesn’t have Tucker Carlson to attract a younger audience. When Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck left Fox, most conservatives depended on the network for their news. Now, the media landscape is quite different, and people have many alternative choices. It’s doubtful that viewers will return to the channel that abruptly cut ties with one of the most popular voices in today’s media.

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