Frank Pavone says Catholic bishops are ‘afraid to offend’ powerful Democrats

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Father Frank Pavone has refused to back down in his fight to protect the lives of the unborn, despite being dismissed from priesthood by the Vatican.

Pavone, who serves as National Director of Priests for Life and is an ardent and vocal Trump supporter, recently called out many bishops within the Catholic Church for softening their pro-life message out of fears it might “offend” Democrats.

In an interview with FOX News, Pavone suggested he was fighting “for the soul of the Catholic Church,” and that putting an end to abortion was priority number one.

“We’re side by side with the Holy See in doing this pro-life work,” Pavone said, noting that many high-placed members of the Vatican have given him “tremendous support.”

Others, he lamented, “have really been doing everything they can to put obstacles in the way of this work and of my doing this work.”

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