Freak Accident: Lawyer Takes Mother in for MRI, Ends Up Being Shot by His Own Weapon

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A Brazilian man was shot to death by his own gun without anyone even pulling the trigger.

On Jan. 16, attorney Leandro Mathias de Novaes took his mother for an MRI at the Laboratorio Cura in São Paulo, according to the local outlet Folha de S.Paulo.

Mathias, a strong proponent of gun rights who talked about the legality of possessing firearms on a popular TikTok channel, was packing that day.

Although Mathias and his mother were given a standard warning to remove metal objects before entering the MRI room, according to the clinic, Novaes brought his concealed gun.

He did not have it for long.

The force of the magnet in the MRI machine pulled the gun from the waistband of his pants, causing it to fire, the report said.

Mathias was hit in the stomach. Although he was taken to São Luiz Morumbi Hospital, he died three weeks later on Feb. 6.

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