Freedom Caucus Rep. Defeats Crenshaw for Homeland Security Chair – Has Big Plan Biden Will Hate

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With the long list of deals that Kevin McCarthy made so he could advance to become Speaker of the House, a number of House committee chairmanships are going to conservative members, and one important one saw Rep. Dan Crenshaw lose his Homeland Security Committee Chairman bid to conservative Mark Green.

Crenshaw, who made a splash as a conservative when he first got elected to Congress from the 2nd District in Texas in 2018, has since made some turns toward the establishment that have annoyed many conservatives.

In fact, during the four-day Speaker vote fight, Crenshaw actually said the conservative holdouts who were seeking concessions from McCarthy were “traitors.”

He later tried to walk that back by calling it just a “turn of phrase” and insisted in hindsight that he didn’t really mean traitors, exactly.

With his blatant support for McCarthy, Crenshaw, who was a United States Navy SEAL officer, was looking for the plum job of chair of the Homeland Security Committee. The Homeland Security Committee oversees border security and cybersecurity. It is also the main oversight committee for the Department of Homeland Security.

But it wasn’t to be.

Despite his loyalty to Speaker McCarthy during the four days of voting, on Monday House members elected Tennessee’s Mark Green to the position, the Washington Examiner reported.

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