#FREETHEBEE: Babylon Bee REFUSES to delete Rachel Levine tweet: ‘Truth is not hate speech’

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The Babylon Bee did the unthinkable, they told the truth on Twitter. And for that, their Twitter account has been temporarily suspended pending deletion of the offending tweet. The only hitch is that The Babylon Bee won’t delete their tweet, and there wasn’t anything particularly offensive about it.

The offense was referring to a male-bodied person who was born male, lived and worked as a man, then grew hair long and donned women’s clothes later in life by way of claiming to be female, a man. The Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon said that the tweet would not be deleted.

The tweet in question was in regards to Dr. Rachel Levine, a biological male who, by virtue of identifying as a woman after decades living as a man and fathering children in the traditionally male way, was touted as a groundbreaking appointment to the Department of Health and Human Services, where Levine serves as assistant HHS secretary.

After USA Today named Levine “Woman of the Year,” The Babylon Bee wrote their own send-up of that, saying that their publication had named Levine “Man of the Year.”

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