Furious Fox News Takes Action Over Leak of Behind-the-Scenes Videos That Make Tucker Carlson Look Good

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Fox News is furious about the viral videos of former host Tucker Carlson circulating on the internet — but that ire isn’t directed at Carlson himself.

No, the suddenly vulnerable news titan is directing its furor at Media Matters for America, a generally left-leaning media watchdog group.

That’s because Media Matters has been publishing behind-the-scenes videos of Carlson during his time on Fox News, and labeling them as “FOXLEAKS” across social media.

The purpose of the videos is to paint Carlson in a negative light, but that has largely backfired.

If anything, the videos have made Carlson seem more relatable, kinder and refreshingly honest to his fans.

But whatever the purpose and desired end result of those FOXLEAKS could be, Fox News wants to put the kibosh on all of it.

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