FUTURE OF FOOD: Meat cultured from animal cells

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The solution to climate change will be eating “meat” engineered and grown in a lab according to Uma Valeti, the co-founder of Upside Foods, a company that generates a foodstuff cultivated from cultured animal cells. 

According to NPR, “Now the company is awaiting a green light from the Food and Drug Administration to begin selling its first cultivated meat products, including a chicken fillet.” 

Valeti, a cardiologist by trade, had his dream of growing meat in a facility after being inspired by seeing how human heart cells can be grown in a lab to help heart attack patients. He saw that human beings had learned how to grow human heart cells, and he could do the same thing with animals. Bill Gates heavily invested in Upside Foods to help it grow.

Valeti has entered a flourishing new startup space as there are over 80 companies working to create life with machines, cook it, and then feed it to humans. The company that made JUST Eggs, Eat Just, Inc, has a new division, Good Meat, also creating cultivated meat. That company will be serving dishes made of their foodstuff at COP27, or the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Vanenti said this experimental process is real even though “People said it was science fiction.”

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