Gavin Newsom claims Target 'is selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists' by removing children's Pride merch from stores

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Much of the gear is gone from Target’s website, but the damage has been done. Target now joins other brands that lately have embraced queer and gender ideology at their own peril, and to consumers’ dismay. Bud Light is still reeling from a disastrous markeing partnership with trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, who only last year met with President Joe Biden to advise him on how important it is to let children have sex changes. Mulvaney also said “misgendering” him should be an arrestable offense.

Meanwhile, Newsom is poised to sign a law banning Skittles and other candies in his state due to a chemical that affects human reproduction, but he also passed a law allowing children to seek sex changes without parental knowledge or consent. Newsom’s priorities have little to do with those of the rest of the country.

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