Gender clinic co-founder at Boston Children's pioneered early use of cross-sex hormones for trans kids

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The co-founder of the pediatric gender clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital boasts of being a pioneer for the medicalized gender transition extremely young children. An investigation into Dr. Norman Spack by Reduxx magazine found that he and Boston Children’s Hospital have bragged about lowering the ages for children to transition.

On halting puberty of children aged 10 to 14 years old, Dr. Spack said, “I brought some kids in… and this now became the standard of care, and [Boston] Children’s Hospital was behind it. We started a program in 2007. It became the first program of its kind in North America.”

Spack is a pediatric endocrinologist who co-founded the hospital’s Gender Multispeciality Service (GeMS) at Boston Children’s Hospital, which welcomes patients as young as 3 years old. “At GeMS, our mission is to assess and care for gender-diverse children, teens, and young adults.”

Dr. Spack gave a TED Talk lecture in 2013 where he talks of halting children’s puberty beginning as early as 10 years old. The makers of Lupron, the drug used to halt puberty, do not recommend it for use in cases of gender dysphoria, nor do they recommend prolonged use.

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