George Stephanopoulos Can’t Sugarcoat It: New Poll Numbers ‘Brutal for President Biden’

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Former Clinton White House Communications Director George Stephanopoulos, now host of “This Week” on ABC, commented on the results of a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll Sunday.

The short version: “This poll is just brutal for President Biden.”

Stephanopoulos was introducing ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, who went into the specifics.

“The skepticism over his leadership extends deep inside his own party,” Klein said of President Joe Biden.

As evidence, Klein said that only 36 percent of the Democrats surveyed by the poll said that the incumbent should run for a second term. More than half preferred “someone else,” and only 6 percent expressed no opinion.

“That’s despite the fact that the entire [Democratic National Committee], most of the Democratic establishment, has rallied behind President Biden,” Klein said.


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