George Washington University Bows to Woke Mob, Announces New Nickname for ‘Extremely Offensive’ Moniker

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George Washington University has a new moniker. The former “Colonials” will now call themselves “Revolutionaries.”

The good news is that “Revolutionaries” retains a meaningful connection both to the university’s illustrious namesake and to the world-changing event he helped author.

The bad news, as usual, is that the drive to change the university’s nickname originated in the half-truths and outright lies of woke mythology.

According to a petition posted to the George Washington University Student Association web page, the name “Colonials” is regarded as “extremely offensive” because it “has too deep a connection to colonization and glorifies the act of systemic oppression.”

These objections reveal both logical and historical absurdities that lay at the heart of wokeness.

First, there is nothing intrinsically “offensive” about the name “Colonials,” just as there is nothing intrinsically virtuous about the name “Revolutionaries.” It all depends on the one element missing from woke historical consciousness: context.

It is true, of course, that colonialism, as a corollary of aggressive imperialism, wrought havoc across the globe for centuries. Agents of colonialism perpetrated every barbarity known to humankind: theft, violence, kidnapping and enslavement, rape, torture, murder, and the total subjugation of entire populations.

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