Georgia prof has secret meeting on 'far-right extremism' with trans activist who illegally sends hormones to kids

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Trans activist Eli Erlick once again admitted to illegally sending drugs to minors across the US. In a Twitter post on Saturday, Erlick revealed that a professor at the University of Georgia, Cas Mudde, invited the activist to the state to research “the far-right.”

“I had to hid that I was in Georgia for the past three days for my safety as a trans woman,” the post read. “Following attacks on trans youth + my suggestion to ignore bans, there was a small worry that Gov Kemp would learn I was in the state. Several state officials have already called for my arrest.”

“I’m usually unconcerned about risk because of my position as a white woman,” Erlick continued. “However, with the recent bans on lifesaving gender-affirming medications (some of which I personally sent to GA), I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

The Post Millennial’s Sara Higdon asked, “Seriously why hasn’t the @FBI arrested Eli yet? I also have news for you, being trans is all good unless you are trying to abuse children with medicalization.”

Higdon asked Georgia Attorney General Chriss Carr to issue a warrant for admitting to illegally supplying drugs to kids in Georgia.

Erlick has boasted numerous times on social media about operating an illegal drug trafficking operation that involves sending transgender cross-sex hormones to minors across the country. In one instance, the activist said, “I’m now a proud criminal in Mississippi for ‘aiding and abetting’ lifesaving medicine for trans youth.”

Erlick said, “I realize the risks of posting this, but it’s more important to encourage others to share lifesaving medications than guarantee one’s safety (granted I’m in little danger in NY).”

The drug operation reportedly has been going on since  2021 when Erlick posted on Instagram a list of mantras about gender transition, and one included “Redistribute your extra hormones to people who can’t access/afford them.”

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