Girl Scouts Get a Nasty Taste of Biden’s America as Their Annual Cookie Sale Runs Into Big Problems

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Ask people what their favorite Girl Scout cookie is, and you’re likely to get a wide range of answers.

Ask people what their least favorite Joe Biden “thing” is, and you’re likely to get a wide range of answers.

Now, ask a Girl Scout what her least favorite Joe Biden thing is, and you’re likely to get just one answer: Those darned supply chain issues.

And while your mileage may vary on just how responsible the Biden administration is for these ongoing supply chain woes, it’s inarguable that, at the very least, this administration and prominent Democrats have done little to nothing to make it any better.

Everyday Americans were always going to face the brunt of that economic bungling, and there’s no better example of that than what’s become of one of America’s most enduring and beloved snacks.

According to CNBC, America is in the midst of a severe Girl Scout cookie shortage — and it largely falls at the feet of supply chain issues.

The outlet reported Thursday that the Girl Scouts of the USA are “keeping all options open” when it comes to one of their baking partners, Little Brownie Bakers, as issues persist in the production of their iconic cookies.

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