Glen Youngkin claims 'we should teach all of that' when Jake Tapper brings up 1619 Project during CNN Townhall

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On Thursday, GOP Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin participated in a CNN town hall focused on public education that found Youngkin agreeing that the historically debunked, critical race theory-infused 1619 Project should be taught in schools.

“What do you say to a teacher who wants to teach what any number of scholars who say that the condition of black Americans today can be traced all the way back to Fort Monroe in 1619, that it’s not as if every generation is just brought forth new, that there were hundreds of years of slavery, a hundred years of Jim Crow, and today is part of that.”

Tying the “condition of black Americans” to 1619 is a reference to the 1619 Project.

An audience member and social studies teacher had previously asked Youngkin to distinguish between “teaching CRT (critical race theory) in the classroom and the teaching of historical injustices such as slavery and segregation” and Youngkin replied, “Teaching our history is critical. And I have said all along that our standard should be to teach all of it the good and the bad.”

Tapper asked Youngkin a follow-up question concerning CRT, which Youngkin banned in schools via executive order when he took office, and said, “So other than CRT, can you give us a specific example of what is an inherently divisive concept that you think should not be taught in Virginia Schools?”

Youngkin said the “inherently divisive concepts” that he has banned are taken from the lessons of the Civil Rights Act and gives the example of “teaching children that they’re inherently biased or racist because of their race or their sex or their religion. They teach that a child is guilty for sins of the past because of their race or their religion or their sex. They teach that a child is oppressed or a victim because of their race, their religion or their sex.”

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