GOP criticized for demanding parental rights EXCEPT in cases of sexually explicit content

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In a piece released by the Miami Herald’s editorial board on Friday, the group bashed Republicans as being the the party of parental choice, “unless parents choose drag queens.”

The editorial piece comes as a number of sexually charged drag performances aimed at families and children went viral on the internet.

The board blasted leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for focusing on a drag show held in Dallas at the beginning of the month over the recent January 6 trials.

The board said, “Videos posted online showed the children strutting down a catwalk with the performers and tipping them, as is customary at drag shows. ‘Drag the Kids to Pride Drag Show’ was advertised as a family-friendly spin-off of a local bar’s drag brunch commemorating Pride Month. Orlando also offers family-friendly drag performances such as a show-tune brunch at Hamburger Mary’s.”

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