GOP establishment pours money into anti-Trump candidates instead of those who have his endorsement

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Trump-endorsed candidates face off against establishment-backed candidates, with Trump-endorsed candidates winning primaries 93 percent of the time so far, according to data reviewed by Axios.

GOP leaders maneuver to split the party by backing establishment candidates, and propping up spoiler candidates, paving the way for Republicans who have a history of capitulating to the left. The GOP establishment continues to try to move away from Trump, despite his overwhelming popularity with voters.

In Arizona, the GOP establishment rejected gubernatorial primary front runner Kari Lake, who garnered a Trump endorsement. Instead, they have backed wealthy donor and housing developer Karrin Taylor Robson. Robson won backing from Arizona’s current governor, Doug Ducey, who in his last term consolidated support from former vice-president Mike Pence in opposing Lake as his successor.

Establishment-aligned groups have been running attack ads against Kari Lake, with FCC records revealing invoices for Arizona KPHO-TV for ads totaling over $156,000 payment to Freedom’s Future Fund, a dark money group that lists Charles Gantt as treasurer and has no filings on the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) website.

The term dark money applies to organizations that attempt to influence voters, but make it difficult to track funding sources, in many cases, by directing it through multiple organizations that create enough noise to bury funding origins.

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