GOP Lawmakers Cheer Fox News for Removing Tucker, But Look What They Didn’t Do: ‘Good Riddance’

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Conservatives often complain that the Republican Party is not a serious entity and that its inability to coalesce around a single cause or crusade in dire times renders it ineffective.

Some could argue that comments a number of GOP lawmakers made under the shroud of anonymity to Axios for a piece that was published on Thursday prove that to be true.

Three people described by the outlet as House Republicans each celebrated Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News because they said he made their jobs more difficult.

Much of the complaining was in relation to Carlson’s opposition to America’s blank-check policy toward Ukraine, which has been at war with Russia since last February.

No matter what your personal feelings are on offering aid to the country or how you might feel about that country’s leadership, Carlson’s perspectives on both were necessary for a healthy public discourse.

The establishment media has portrayed funding the stalemate in Europe as a duty the American people must perform at any cost.

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