GOP-Led House Ethics Committee Votes Against Investigating Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman for Fire Alarm Scandal

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The Republican-led House Ethics Committee is giving Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman a pass.

The committee indicated this week it lacked the votes to appoint a group to look into the Sept. 30 incident in which the New York Democrat — a member of the progressive “squad” — set off a fire alarm as lawmakers prepared to vote on a critical bill to prevent a government shutdown.

“A majority of the Members of the Committee did not agree to establish an [investigative subcommittee] or report to the House regarding Representative Bowman’s conduct,” a brief statement by the committee chairman, Mississippi Republican Michael Guest.

The ethics committee, which consists of five Republicans and five Democrats, had 30 days to decide on the investigation following Bowman’s being charged.

Bowman, whose social media account identifies him as a former middle-school principal, initially claimed ignorance in the incident. After photos were released showing him pulling the alarm, he first said he had been confused about the mechanism and that he thought the handle marked “FIRE” would open the doors to the Cannon House Office Building.

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