GOP Mayor in California Virtually Eliminates Homelessness After Making 1 Minor Change

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If you don’t let them build it, they won’t come.

That, at least, is the experience of Coronado, California, Mayor Richard Bailey. The Republican boasts the lowest homeless population in a state known for a serious homeless problem.

How has he done it? By not letting homeless populations build encampments, he told Fox News.

In a Thursday interview on “Fox & Friends First,” Bailey said the solution wasn’t rocket science.

“The policies that are in place at the regional and statewide level that are tolerating this type of behavior that is personally destructive and also destructive to the surrounding communities are really enabling this situation to increase throughout our entire state, and throughout our entire region,” the mayor of the San Diego-area city said.

“Changing these policies will actually have a major impact.”

Instead of throwing money at the problem or endorsing woke solutions, Bailey said Coronado police and a homeless service provider they work with give homeless individuals in the city one option — get help.

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