GOP Rep Will Boycott Biden SOTU Address: Will Not ‘Listen to Him Continue to Lie’

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Although the speaker of the House is of a different political party than the president, there’s been little concern about the speaker tearing up a copy of the President Joe Biden’s Tuesday State of the Union address.

That’s been done before, of course, in Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the 2020 SOTU address by President Donald Trump.

Speaker Pelosi’s public display of disgust was actually a vulgar expression of disrespect toward the office of the president, the House over which she was speaker and the American people.

Nobody expects the new Republican speaker, Kevin McCarthy, to do that.

But Republican Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois is expressing dissent in somewhat of a private way, according to a report by Breitbart.

She said she was just not going to show up for the State of the Union address.

That spares her from the embarrassing spectacle of watching Democrats continually applauding and giving standing ovations of affirmation to specific statements by Biden while Republican sit on their hands.

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