Government Inspectors Discover ‘Alarming’ Conditions at Prison Housing Ghislaine Maxwell

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Is Ghislaine Maxwell being mistreated in federal prison?

The Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General raised serious concerns about conditions at Federal Correctional Institute, Tallahassee in a report earlier this month.

Authorities identified “alarming” deficiencies regarding the slammer in the report.

“We observed inmates being served moldy bread and vegetables rotting in a refrigerator in a food preparation area at the female prison,” observers indicated.

The prison is also blighted with an epidemic of leaky roofs and walls — with inmates resorting to desperate measures to keep dry.

“We observed housing areas in which feminine hygiene products were being used to absorb water from leaking windows,” the report reads.

Inspectors also found inoperable toilets and showers in communal hygiene areas.

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