Governor Abbott Reveals Major Plan to Authorize ‘Every Peace Officer in the State of Texas’ to Arrest Illegal Immigrants

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In a system of federalism, free and sovereign citizens divide power between state and federal governments. Now, thanks to the Texas state government, freedom and federalism stand poised to gain an important victory.

This weekend on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas promised he soon will sign a bill that will make illegally crossing Texas’ border with Mexico a state crime.

“In two weeks, I’ll be signing a new law in the state of Texas that will make it illegal for people to enter the state of Texas from another country illegally and authorizing every peace office in the state of Texas to arrest those people entering our country illegally,” Abbott said.

Were I to advise Abbott on the best way to speak about the new law  — not a way that would satisfy lawyers but nonetheless the most constitutional and truthful way — I would encourage him to substitute “entering our state illegally” for “entering our country illegally.” More on that in a moment.

According to The Texas Tribune — an Austin-based news outlet focused on statewide news — the law will have major implications.

Senate Bill 4, approved last month, will authorize Texas police to arrest illegal immigrants on state charges.

Under the legislation, an illegal crossing between ports of entry will result in a Class B misdemeanor. A prior conviction will make the charge a second-degree felony.

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