GQ celebrates AOC as a hero for being a victim

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In a stunningly out-of-touch issue of the monthly men’s magazine, GQ, progressive congresswoman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked about the patriarchy, running for president, and her love life with her fiance. She’s unsure of having a future with due to his race.

“The right wing’s night terror in the flesh,” writer Wesley Lowery called the 32-year-old New York representative, after arguing that she is “more famous than any other person in American politics without the last name Obama or Trump,” notably leaving out the current president and vice president.

Ocasio-Cortez, who Democratic Socialists of America calls a “socialist superstar,” was commended by Lowery in the opening paragraphs of the article, where she was referred to as “A revolutionary on the rise. The clear heir to an ascendant progressive movement.”

Despite being the “best” the progressive movement has to offer, she may also be the last according to GQ: “depending on how quickly some combination of fascism, religious fundamentalism, and climate change comes for us all.”

GQ carefully constructed a heroic narrative surrounding Ocasio-Cortez’s participation in protests outside of the Supreme Court following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, leaving out the part where she was led away by police officers while holding her own hands behind her back, uncuffed.

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  1. Hold on a sec……..I can’t stop laughing!!!! Another professional victim. Poor, poor, poor AOC. I feel so sorry for her!!!!! What a joke she is. A disgusting, fake, nasty, treasonous, crooked arse lying piece of shite! Just wait as next year she will be a millionaire several times over while we here in the real world, will be struggling to survive. I hope she chokes on it!!!

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