Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite, Chanting ‘Crush Zionism’: Report

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When it comes to leftist extremists, Greta Thunberg keeps getting clearer.

The 20-year-old Swedish agitator and poster girl for perpetually adolescent progressives hasn’t been shy about grabbing headlines since bursting onto the world scene in her mid-teens.

First, she was anti-fossil fuels. Then she was anti-capitalism. Now, according to a report coming out of Stockholm, she’s a virulent anti-Semite, too.

In a way it’s fitting that the world’s newest cause of fearmongering is coalescing with the world’s oldest racial hatred: Both are are grounded in irrational emotion. Both claim to be operating for the good of humanity.

And both are inherently evil.

According to a social media post published by the Svenska Epoch Times (Swedish Epoch Times), Thunberg was part of a raucous crowd that gathered last week outside the Israeli Embassy in the Swedish capital, chanting “krossa sionismen” — “crush Zionism.”

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