‘Handyman’ Reveals How He Was Able to Flip the Script on Squatters Without Help from Cops

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Leave it to a guy named Flash.

Who is a handyman in more ways than one.

A squatter moved into a vacant home owned by the mother of professional handyman Flash Shelton. Shelton called the cops. It being California, they did nothing.

So Shelton did his own version of squatter justice, handyman style.

When the squatter wasn’t there, Shelton became a squatter and moved into the house. When the squatter returned, Shelton gave her a deadline for leaving or he would personally have her stuff hauled away.

So what are you going to do when you’re cheated out of doing something illegal? Call the police? Not likely.

So Ms. Squatter left. No police, no courts, no months-long legal battle, no financial liability, no squatter.

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