HATE HOAX: BLM activist lied about UVA classmate telling black activists they would make 'good f*cking speed bumps'

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Bettinger then parked her vehicle and went to investigate why the road was blocked as she says that she had no room to turn around. She then had a brief conversation with the driver of the dump truck who was blocking the road and told the driver, “It’s a good thing that you are here, because otherwise these people would have been speed bumps.”

During the investigation, the driver corroborated those claims to Charlottesville police, although said that he could not remember verbatim what Bettinger had said.

“Not once did anything from the past, of even the rally, Unite the Right rally, cross my mind,” Bettinger told police. “It was simply a comment made to a [dump] truck driver who was sitting and blocking the road, and just saying, like, ‘It’s good you’re here.'”

“With the one woman hitting on my car and other people shouting and starting to threaten me, I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Bettinger says. That’s when she called the police, Reason reports. She was later able to escape after protesters, which included Bryant, gave her enough space.

After police arrived, officers helped her maneuver down East High Street and she drove home.

“We had gone down a couple of blocks and they wanted to see how I was doing because I was quite shaken up,” Bettinger says. “I was physically shaking and very taken aback by the whole experience.”

On September 28, 2020, the UJC jury found Bettinger “guilty.” She was sentenced to “50 hours of community service with a social justice organization, three meetings with an assigned professor to teach her about “police-community relations,” an apology letter to Bryant, and the expulsion in abeyance,” Reason reports.

However, Bettinger was vindicated in June 2021 after a full investigation revealed that Bettinger did not legally harass Bryant and that Bryant’s allegations were false.

Bryant has received glowing praise from the Washington Post and had been profiled in The New York Times for her social justice activism. In 2020, Bryant was named to Teen Vogue’s “21 under 21” list. As for Bettinger, she will spend years of her life working to restore her character.

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