'Hazmat Killer' arrested, charged with murder in fatal shooting of bodega clerk

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On Friday, a 39-year-old New York man, Kimond L. Cyrus, appeared in court following his Thursday arrest and was arraigned on Murder charges related to the fatal shooting of a bodega worker on March 3.

The New York Post reports, Cyrus, dubbed the “Hazmat Killer,” allegedly wore a full-body, white Tyvek suit during a string of robberies that culminated in the shooting last Friday of 67-year-old Queens native Sueng Choi at the Daona Gourmet Deli, location on Third Avenue and East 81st St.

Cyrus was initially released after his Thursday arrest but was taken into custody following his arraignment, where he pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges.

According lo local ABC News, prosecutors allege Cyrus shot Choi during a botched robbery. The suspect entered the deli and brandished a firearm, including holding the weapon to a customer’s head. The suspect then let the customers go as he demanded Choi give him the bodega’s money. 

Cyrus allegedly shot Choi as he held the gun to the man’s head and the bullet penetrated the victim’s hand before his head, indicating the bodega worker had his hand up to shield himself.

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