‘He Was Walking Sunshine’: Accomplished Model Dies at Age 27

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A 27-year-old fashion model has died, with no cause of death revealed.

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I let you all know that Jeremy Ruehlemann has passed away,” Jason Kanner with Soul Artist Management wrote Monday on Instagram.

“Jeremy was authentically himself. Salt of the earth. There was just something about him that made you root for him. His excitement over a big booking his optimism when something didn’t work out. When you spoke to him he listened with his eyes and ears. He truly was and will always be one of a kind,” he wrote.

Ruehlemann was a native of Mahwah, New Jersey, who was studying psychology when, in 2017, he left behind his studies for a career as a fashion model, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The Sun quoted Ruehlemann’s LinkedIn bio as indicating he would return to college someday.

“I’ve always planned on finishing my education, and secondly because the skills and experience I’ve learned from the last 5 years of full-time modeling, traveling and socializing with people from all over the world has taught me more about how people work than any psychology class ever could,” he wrote.

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