Here’s How Much Drivers Would Pay to Enter Manhattan and Where the Government Would Spend the Money

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At a time when public money enriches war profiteers and illegal immigrants, ordinary Americans — already struggling under President Joe Biden’s America last policies — continue to suffer.

According to The Associated Press, a proposal released Thursday by a New York state advisory board would impose a charge of $15 on passenger car drivers who enter Manhattan’s central business district during peak hours of traffic congestion.

An anticipated $1 billion in annual revenue would then help the city make improvements to its mass transit system.

More specifically, that revenue would help “finance borrowing,” according to the AP.

Of course it would. After all, 21st-century American governments — state, municipal and otherwise — never pay for anything without multiplying debt.

The proposal defines the central business district as everything south of 60th Street. That encompasses Downtown and Midtown New York, including familiar landmarks such as Times Square and the Empire State Building.

“The nation’s first congestion tolling program will reduce traffic in the nation’s most congested city, while decreasing air pollution and improving the reliability, accessibility and convenience of public transit for millions of people across the region,” the Traffic Mobility Review Board said in its report on “congestion pricing.”

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