Hershey's trans 'Women's Day' spokesperson advocated for rapists to be housed in women's prisons

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More information has come to light about Fae Johnstone, the trans-identified male chosen by Hershey Canada as one of the faces of its International Women’s Day campaign, including Johnstone’s support of biological male rapists being housed in women’s prisons, and the desire to push gender ideology in schools.

In a Twitter thread, Matt Walsh accused Hershey Canada of choosing a “vile, woman-hating extremist” to represent women, with a series of screenshots of Johnstone’s social media history.  

The now-widely shared series of tweets in which Johnstone calls for women who have different political beliefs to be “so vilified they don’t dare speak” are included in Walsh’s thread alongside a recent Twitter exchange in which Johnstone argues that male rapists who identify as women should be housed in women’s prisons.

In an exchange with LGBT activist Peter Tatchell on the subject of Isla Bryson, the Scottish serial rapist who had been housed in a women’s prison before being moved to the men’s facility following uproar from the public, Tatchell tweeted in support of this decision, and Johnstone responded asking him why his fight for LGBTQI liberation did not include “trans women.”

“So should we also segregate gay prisoners? Lesbian prisoners?” asked the male being celebrated as an inspiration to Canadian women and girls. “It’s not the misgendering that hurts here – it’s the idea that trans women are a threat to cis women that underpins the separation ‘solution’. Also, abolish prisons. Lol.”

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