High-Profile Jill Biden Puff Piece Backfires, Somehow Makes the First Family Look Even Worse

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If Politico had been trying to smear Jill Biden, it might not have been so bad.

But the inside-the-Beltway bible of liberal politics published a nearly 1,100-word profile on the first lady on Monday with the apparent aim of canonizing St. Jill of Wilmington just as her husband’s re-election campaign begins its first full week.

And as the social media blowback showed, it had exactly the opposite effect.

Chalk it up to the treacly writing. Or the blatantly propagandistic tone. Or the way the piece ignores the obvious downsides of a president who’s showing the downside of every day of his 80-odd years in ways that would embarrass a family with any decency.

But the piece by White House correspondent Eugene Daniels — whose bio boasts of his posts as an MSNBC political analyst and contributor to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” — made Joe Biden, Jill Biden and the entire first family just look worse.

Honest, critical thinking and Twitter reactions don’t always have a lot in common, but in this case they track pretty much perfectly — and the backfire was brutal.

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