‘Hillary’s Running Again’: Clinton Absolutely Destroyed After Cringey Video Goes Viral

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Twice-failed presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton is back, and she is “running again.”

Don’t panic just yet. She is not running for president or elected office again. Instead, she is running into the office of Dean Keren Yahri-Milo at Columbia University to help her co-teach a class on foreign policy decision-making this fall.

Yes, you did just read that correctly; Hillary Clinton has been hired by Columbia University to co-teach a class on foreign policy.

Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday with a cringey video that began with students getting alerts on their phones saying that Hillary Clinton was “running again,” before cutting to an eager Clinton jogging into Dean Yahri-Milo’s office.

When the dean told her that she was six months early for the course, Clinton replied, “I wanted to be prepared Keren. You know, when it comes to crisis situations, you’ve always got to be prepared.”

The dean then responded, “I think you’re more prepared than anyone to teach this course.”

After discussing that Yahri-Milo would teach the theoretical side of foreign policy, while Clinton would give the students examples of these theories put into action, the dean then asked, “are you ready for whatever questions the students throw at you?”

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