Hollywood's diversity writers, actors worry industry cutbacks will mean less focus on 'minority representation'

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Yet for the writers and actors who want to make this content, this is all a function of racism. It’s unclear who is racist in this scenario, the studios who have paid out gobs of cash to make this content or the viewers who don’t want to see it. But the fears of diversity creators are real, even as California has required the industry to implement diversity measures and has used tax breaks to get their way.

NBC reported that after the writers’ strike was concluded, diversity writers were concerned that diversity was not directly addressed in talks. Instead, the contract agreements reached were about the economic viability of the industry.

This led some writers to be “troubled by what they see as institutional bias after several diversity initiatives suffered during cost-cutting this year.” It was after the death of George Floyd in 2020 that studios ramped up their diversity efforts, but per The Guardian, those efforts have fallen flat in 2023, with representation going back to 2019 levels. The Writers Guild of America said that minority writers are underrepresented.

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