Home Plate Umpire Suspended Indefinitely After Call That Left Batter Screaming

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Sometimes, there is a missed call in sports that is so bad, so mind-numbing, and so unfathomable that even the most casual fans of the sport have to recoil in horror.

Apparently, calls that bad can also get you indefinitely suspended.

One game official, a college baseball umpire, learned that the hard way after he whiffed on an astoundingly bad second-strike call — only to somehow make an even worse third-strike call.

Now, to offer what little fairness to the Southland Conference umpire that can be mustered, these two astoundingly bad strike calls came in a game in which the University of New Orleans Privateers beat the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils 7-3, so these missed calls didn’t come in a particularly close game.

Still, that doesn’t make the two missed calls any better.

These are the kinds of calls that bring the integrity of the official into question (especially with the proliferation of sports betting across America) but you can judge for yourself below:

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