‘Honey Badger Don’t Give a S***’: Steve Bannon Raided During Show on ‘Biden Family Corruption’

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Steve Bannon was swatted Thursday during the broadcast of his daily “War Room” show as police officers converged on his Washington, D.C., home.

In an all-too-familiar scenario, the former Trump administration White House chief strategist was in his home when someone called the police in an attempt to have him or someone else harmed.

The idea behind swatting is that police might believe they are entering a potentially dangerous situation in which they might open fire.

Bannon has been the victim of swatting numerous times throughout the past year.

During his show Thursday, in which he discussed Biden family corruption, he informed his audience of the latest instance.

“We got swatted in the middle of the show when I was in the C block in the first hour,” Bannon said to his audience.

He said the goal of those who have been targeting him is to silence him.

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