Host of ‘The View’ Sunny Hostin Makes Disgusting Claim About Jesus – This Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Sunny Hostin of “The View” says she is a practicing Catholic. Whether she’s a reading Catholic is a matter of opinion.

Yes, Hostin — like most Americans still functioning within the range of normal human response — deplored this weekend’s shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado on Monday’s episode of the ABC daytime talk show.

From there, predictably, takes diverged wildly. Hostin and the rest of the ladies on “The View” think the shooter was religiously motivated, despite no concrete evidence to back that up thus far.

Hostin decided to take things a step further, however, saying Jesus Christ would be at the forefront of your annual display of LGBT decadence and licentiousness otherwise known as the “pride” parade — pride, of course, being the deadliest of the seven deadly sins.

Let’s back up a bit, because the liberals and/or faux conservatives on “The View” had a longer discussion on the matter.

For instance, even though co-host Whoopi Goldberg admitted we didn’t know what the shooter’s motive was, she blamed GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado.

“Words matter,” Goldberg said. “Words matter, and people like Lauren Boebert, who, you know, has been in the forefront of dissing LGBTQ+ people, is now saying her prayers and thoughts go with the families. Well, they don’t really need your prayers and thoughts, they needed your votes. That’s what they need.”

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