Hours After Tucker’s Big Announcement Elon Invites Another Anchor to Host Show on Twitter

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Don Lemon has a new job offer, and no, it is not from Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Starbucks, or even McDonald’s.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has offered the disgraced former CNN host the opportunity to host his own show on the platform — just one day after Tucker Carlson announced he would relaunch his own program on the billionaire’s servers.

Lemon’s tenure at CNN flamed out last month when he announced he had been fired after 17 years of false reporting, conjecture, reported infighting with colleagues, gaslighting his audience, and one very odd theory about blackholes and a missing Malaysian airliner.

Lemon was axed by CNN on April 24 — the same day Carlson was unceremoniously and inexplicably cut by Fox News.

Aside from the fact they both have hired the same attorney, that is about where the parallels end in regard to the two former primetime hosts.

In Lemon’s case, no one was really watching anyway.

In the curious case of Carlson, he was let go at the top of his game and was always a sure bet to land on his feet.

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