House Erupts in Massive Explosion as Police Serve Search Warrant

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An hours-long standoff in Arlington, Virginia, ended Monday night with a thunderous explosion that destroyed a house in which a suspect had defied police commands to emerge.

The explosion in the Washington suburb took place just before 8:30 p.m. Police had been outside the home since about 4:45 p.m., armed with a search warrant for the home because the individual inside had been shooting a flare gun in the neighborhood.

When police originally approached the home to serve the warrant, they were met by gunfire from inside, said Ashley Savage, the public information officer with Arlington County Police Department, according to ABC.

Savage indicated that police did not fire at the house.

“During the early parts of it, after we had obtained a search warrant, we were attempting to make contact with the individual. Our SWAT team was on scene at that point, we would determine that the incident would be a barricade because the suspect had not exited the residence,” Savage said.

“We were attempting to make contact with the individual when shots were discharged inside the residence,” she said.

A police statement said someone inside the duplex “discharged a flare gun approximately 30 – 40 times from inside his residence into the surrounding neighborhood.”

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